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Quarantine has made life more challenging and we know it. We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to our interviewing process and timeline, should you need it. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is the case, at


1st Serve

The first interview (1st Serve) takes place online, via Microsoft Teams. This is also how we hold our meetings at MPG so it is a good indication of what you can expect further along the road in terms of remote team collaboration. The interview covers basic information about your past experience, skills, fit with our team and role. We try to keep it as short as possible, at around 15 minutes but some interviews can last longer, up to 25 minutes. 

Competency & Culture Interviews

After the 1st Serve, we generally engage in two more interviews. The duration of each interview depends largely on the dynamics of the conversation. We suggest you reserve an hour for each interview, to make sure the interview can be closed in one call.

We'll bring up topics such as past work experience, knowledge of event organisation, skills required for the role, ability specific open ended questions and test for company value alignment.

We know the whole process can be stressful. We've been there. Our advice is to relax and enjoy the conversation - treat us as friends and we promise to treat you the same!


It may be the case that we will send you a technical test to complete at home, in your own time, if the role you are applying for requires it. We may test, for example, writing, problem analysis, event organisation competency. We strive to include sufficient information in the test to allow you to answer each of the questions regardless of your understanding of the technical aspects of a specific sport. We are mostly looking for adaptability, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

Although we are flexible when it comes to sending your completed test back to us, a general guideline would be one week after the test is issued to you. Please contact your interviewer if you need additional time or have additional questions regarding the test.


We are currently working from a small office in Bucharest (Sector 2), next to Circului Park. It covers our basic needs, for the time being, and allows us to have productive meetings, socialise and get together to discuss future projects. We are also working from home and plan to expand our hybrid approach to work in the future.

We have a casual work environment. There is no need for a suit and tie but we want everyone to look presentable. Be yourself, yet try to make people feel comfortable around you.

  • During the initial video calls, we’re totally fine if you want to hide your background. We would enjoy having a chat with you on Mars - Elon believes it's possible :)

  • Don’t have a webcam? Let’s chat and find a solution! Get in touch with your interviewer or at

  • Audio is king in the land of online video calls. We recommend you use a headset and microphone combo to keep the quality of the audio as high as possible and to make sure the interviewer hears you clearly.

  • If you’ve got connectivity issues, we can hop on a phone call to keep the momentum going.

  • Get to know us better. We try to keep interviews time boxed and to provide ample time for you to ask questions, at the end of each interview. In general, 5 to 10 minutes is something that integrates well in the structure of the interview. Further information can also be provided by email. We are open to any questions and are fully transparent.

  • Quiet please. Try to find a quiet place and to avoid distractions in order to communicate efficiently with your interviewer. If something goes wrong, the pet jumps on your keyboard or the kids rush into the room, don't worry! We've all been there. We get it.

  • Be an open book. Help us understand how you think. This will help us understand you better and shed light on your problem-solving abilities. When you encounter a question related to a previous experience, don't be afraid to explore your own previous decision making, walk us through the ins and outs, tell us about the difficulties you encountered and the potential impact of each possible course of action and examine what you might do differently with what you know now. We are true believers in continuous improvement and life long learning.

  • Answering questions. We use open ended questions in order to get to understand you better. Some of them will be related to your past experiences. The best answers should cover the particular situation, the task you were faced with and what action you took to resolve it, concluding with the result of your work (S.T.A.R). If you are not sure how to approach an answer, try to look at things from above, specify your context, define your actions / the desired impact, objective and strategy and the final result. If you failed, let us know what you learned from the experience and how that made you a stronger person or enhanced a specific skill.

  • Just relax. Not always an easy to apply tip but nevertheless, an ingredient for a pleasant conversation - relax and be yourself. We expect people to be nervous and we might be, too. Let's just enjoy getting to know each other.

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